Let ‘s make super easy chocolate cupcakes

Who says making cupcakes is difficult? If you do not get well or do not have time to do it yourself, we give you an infallible trick to get a first class with minimal effort. You only need to buy 8 chocolate muffins and “tune” them with two chocolate creams as we propose in the following recipe. The result is spectacular and irresistible. and you can choose cakenGifts.in to order any kind of cake delivery in Kota



1. Prepare the first cream. First, melt the fondant chocolate. Then, add the crocanti, add half the warm cream and then the other half. And when it’s cold, put the cream in the fridge for about 2 hours or so.

2. Incorporate the muffins. After two hours, remove the cream from the fridge and beat it with the electric rods until it is mounted. Insert the cream mounted on a sleeve and cover the chocolate cupcakes you had bought.

3. Prepare the second cream. For a few minutes, heat the cocoa butter in a saucepan.


4. Add to the muffins. Put this second cream in a pastry bag and add a touch on top of the cupcakes that you had made with the muffins and the first cream.

5. To decorate. Add some sliced almonds on top of the cupcakes.


The crocanti is a crushed based on sugar and nuts - either just one or several, usually almonds and hazelnuts - which is ideal as a topping or to enrich any type of ice cream and cakes.



The healthy benefits of chocolate have stopped it from being considered a forbidden pleasure and, instead, has become one of the greatest allies of health. But yes, to be really healthy, it has to contain at least 70% cocoa. Among its many benefits, it reduces blood pressure, helps lower cholesterol levels and prevents heart attacks. If after these delicious cupcakes you fancy even more chocolate, do not miss these recipes that will put you in a mood almost immediately .

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