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This black chocolate mousse cake inspired, in this recipe is a special cake for the very, very chocolatiers, notice. Chocolate base, chocolate mousse and chocolate coating ... Take it now!


It is also a cake that is prepared relatively quickly, since the chocolate sponge cake is very easy to make, since it does not take more than with chemical impeller, and the chocolate mousse is made in a jiffy because it only has whipped cream to sponge .

To make it quickly and comfortably contributes, as is natural, to have the right tools, such as the removable silicone mold that allows the presentation of the cake in the porcelain plate and that is also suitable for baking. Perfect for baked cakes and without oven. And also from the wide variety of chocolate or fondant that you find in the store, to use the percentage of cocoa that most convinces us. If you doesn’t want to bake get it here with online cake shop in Ludhiana




Base cake

40 g of chocolate with black cover

35 g of butter

65 g of sugar

40 ml of water

60 g of confectionery flour

5 g of chemical yeast

3/4 cda. of cocoa powder


Chocolate mousse

350 g of dark chocolate for coverage

500 ml of liquid cream

Chocolate glaze

135 g of dark chocolate for coverage

125 ml of cream

Two tbsp of glucose


Chocolate base cake

We put in a saucepan the water, the covering chocolate , the butter and the sugar. Warm gently until the chocolate melts and butter .


We add the pastry flour passed through a sieve together with the chemical yeast and cocoa powder , as well as the egg. We passed the manual mixer until the mixture is homogenized.

Pour the mixture into the silicon mold (no need to grease or flour it) and cook the cake 25 minutes in the oven at 170 ° C with heat up and down. When it is cooked, remove it and let it cool completely in the mold .


Chocolate mousse

In a bowl we weigh the chocolate covered in the scale and melt it in the microwave or on a sauce pan with water in a bain-marie, little by little so that the chocolate does not overheat at any point.


We pour the cream very cold in a bowl and assemble it in a robot or with electric rods at high speed, but only until it makes soft, semi-fluid peaks.

We take a couple of scoops and mix them with the chocolate with the spatula to make it more fluid.


Then, pour the chocolate over the cream of the bowl and mix well with the spatula , with enveloping movements so that the cream does not fall.

Pour the mousse into the mold and smooth well with a scraper , making the mousse reach all corners. We hit the mold lightly on the table so that it is finished to settle and we put it in the refrigerator a few hours so that the mousse takes firmness.


Chocolate glaze

We put the chocolate covered with glucose in a bowl . The glucose serves to brighten the coverage. We lightly heat in the microwave.


We put the cream in a saucepan and heat right up to the boil. Pour over the cream and let stand a couple of minutes . We remove with rods until emulsified and smooth and shiny.

Pour the cover over the mousse and return the mold to the refrigerator until the cover solidifies. When it is solid, we unmold the cake taking off comfortably the walls of the mold .


Black chocolate mousse cake on Green Gate plate

This black chocolate mousse cake is a smooth and great cake at online cake delivery in Patna which is as good as the chocolate coveredthat we use, which we have a wide repertoire in the store. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the darker and chocolatier the cake will come out. So, although we have used a chocolate with 60% cocoa, you can try it to your liking.

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